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ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice)

ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice)
ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice) ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice) ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice) ARAMAX VAPE PEN (Free E juice)
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Aramax Vaping pen 900mah battery Black

Features of the Aramax vaping pen.

1. Micro-USB charger allows for vaping and charging at the same time
2. Each Aramax atomizer is specially dry-burned and oven-cooked to deliver a 100% pure, fresh taste from the very first vape
3. Large 2.0ml tank compared to 1.6ml usual markets average
4. 900mah pass-through battery
Vapourtron also carries  Coil for Vaping pen for your choices.

Unit: 1 set
Size: Height 159mm; Diameter 14mm
Tank capacity: 2ml
Battery capacity: 900mAh
Color: Black
Puffs: 300 puffs
Resistance: 1.8ohm
Threading: 510
Shipping weight: 98g
Package: Paper box
Shipping method: Please check here for details.
Each set contains:
1pc USB Cable
1pc User Manual
Designed ARAMAX vaping pen, along with the ARAMAX vape juices, for our customers looking to enhance their vaping experience – making it the most pleasurable part of their daily routine. Aramax’s mission is to deliver MAXIMUM VAPING PLEASURE!

Quick Start guide:

1. (A) Unscrew tank from battery and *(B) screw in atomizer. 2. Fill tank with  vape juices by squeezing liquid AROUND venting hole. 3. Screw tank back into battery. 4. Turn  on device by pressing battery button 5x rapidly. 5. Charge the device with the USB cable provided. To clean the tank, rinse under water without atomizer. You should replace your atomizer after approximately 2 weeks of use.
For the best vaping experience don’t forget to try the Max Vape Juice 30ml

Warning and precautions

Before using ARAMAX Vaping Pen, read all the instructions carefully. Failure to follow safety instruction could result in injury or damage. Warning and precaution included here cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that could occur. Caution and care must be exercised when using or maintaining. • Do not attempt to repair, disassemble, or modify the device by yourself. Ask support from technical service provider from seller. Do not attempt to combine the device with parts from other brands. • Do not drop, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microware, incinerate, paint, or insert foreign objects into the device. This product is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery. Do not pierce, open, disassemble, or use it in a humid and/or corrosive environment. Do not put, store, or leave your product in or near sources of heat, in direct strong sunlight, in a high temperature location, in a pressurized container or in a microwave oven. Do not expose it to temperatures over 40° (104 F) or voltages above 5.5V. If battery fluid leak, avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention immediately. Failure to follow these instructions could cause battery to leak acid, become hot, explode, or ignite and cause injury or damage. Do not use faulty cable for charging. Charge the device indoor only. Do not use malfunctioning charger or high voltage one(must not be higher than 5.5V). Do not leave charging device unattended. If the device is not used for an extended period, the voltage will go down naturally due to self-discharge. Make sure to charge the battery before use. Keep away and do not soak in the water or any other liquid, strong chemicals.

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