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      iJOY Avenger 270w Full Kit (PRE ORDER, STOCKS DUE IN EARLY MAY)


4.95 Parcel post for orders under $100

Starter E-Cigarette Package

An ideal option for those new to electronic smoking, the Starter E-Cigarette Package contains everything you need to get you started and most importantly, at an affordable price. The Starter E-Cigarette Package comes with a basic battery, optimiser, juice, a charger and a handy carry case.

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Advanced E-Cigarette Package

A key difference with the Advanced E-Cigarette Package is the battery. Featuring a range of voltage options and a puff count, this makes the Advanced package an ideal option for those who want to monitor their habit with a view to quitting smoking. Together with a larger optimiser, the Advanced E-Cigarette Package comprises better quality and better models of equipment.

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We stock range of tanks to suit your needs, most of it is 510 connection suitable for most mods, click the link to see more

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E-Cigarette Accessories

For optimal use of your e-cigarettes and best overall experience, we have a comprehensive line of e-cigarette accessories including optimisers of various grades and sizes, chargers, adapters, pouches and refill bottles.

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 E Juices

We carry both standard e juices made in China that start from around $7, while our Premium Blend range imported from the USA starts at approximately $14.

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